Protect your business from the financial risk of defending claims with liabilities insurance

If you have Employees you have a legal obligation to have continuous Employers Liability cover. Your cover must be It’s important for businesses to insure their physical assets like buildings, stock and vehicles but these are not the only things you need to protect.

No matter how professional and compliant your business is, things can go wrong or misunderstandings can occur and you may find yourself on the receiving end of legal action. Having the right liabilities insurance in place is crucial for protecting you in situations like this.

There are three main forms of liability cover that most businesses might need to consider: employers liability, public liability and products liability. At Independent Insurance Bureau Ltd, we can consult with your business to ensure it has the right combination of covers in place to offer full liability protection.

If you have employees, you have a legal obligation to have continuous employers liability cover in place. This cover must be recorded on the ELTO register, which is the Employers Liability Tracing Office database, so that should a claim occur many years down the line, there will be an official record of your policy in place. Most businesses will require this form of liability insurance, except for sole-traders and self-employed contractors.

Though this is the only form of liability insurance that is a legal requirement, it’s prudent for businesses to consider public liability and products liability within their budget, depending on the nature of their business. We can help you determine exactly what liability cover your business need, so you’re not left with gaps in your cover, or paying for cover you do not need.

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