Talk to us for a manufacturing insurance policy that’s made to last

A typical manufacturing plant can have dozens of employees operating heavy machinery, using toxic or caustic chemicals and using potentially dangerous equipment, all of which you’ll want to ensure is covered in case something goes wrong. We can help assemble an insurance package that offers you the right protection for your business.

Manufacturing businesses generally work as well-oiled machines and delays due to things like fire damage, theft or faulty machinery can cause significant problems, beyond the expense associated with repairing your premises or replacing your equipment.

In addition, accidents do happen and it’s important that you’re covered if your employees suffer an injury they deem to be your fault, or a product you’ve manufactured has caused someone harm.

At Independent Insurance Bureau Ltd, we will take the time to understand exactly what your requirements are to ensure that we’re able to find cover that really looks after your needs so if something does go wrong, you’ll have the protection you need in place.

To find out more about some of the manufacturing insurances we can provide, simply click the options below or get in touch to talk to an experienced insurance advisor today.