Property Owners

Property insurance to protect your portfolio

At Independent Insurance Bureau Ltd, we could help provide you with property owners insurance for any type of property you own, whether it is your main home, a second home, a holiday home (either in the UK or abroad), rental properties and even unoccupied properties.

Different properties have different insurance needs and if you own several properties it can be difficult to know which property needs what cover. Our brokers have a great deal of experience in arranging insurance for all kinds of property and so are well placed to ensure that your portfolio is provided for with the right range and level of cover.

Buildings and contents insurance can be arranged for your property, either separately or as a combined policy, and we will advice you which is the best option for your personal circumstances.

If you rent your property you will have other insurance needs to consider, including things like landlord’s liability and cover for loss of your rental income if a claim situation forces your tenants to leave the property, costing your vital income.

To find out more about some of the cover we can provide, simply click the options below or get in touch to talk to an experienced insurance advisor today.