Maldives Competition

Maldives Competition


It’s coming up to 30 years since my wife Carole and I took over IIB following the sudden and premature death of my father, Graham.

With a lot of hard work and your kind support, the business has grown considerably over that time. We now have 3 offices and several members of the team, who have been with us throughout the entire journey.

We continued to grow the business, our son Jordan has recently joined the team and is the third generation of our family to do so.

What I’m writing to you about was, in fact, Jordan’s idea…

We wanted to do something different to celebrate our 30th anniversary, and when we looked at how much money we were going to spend on marketing, he said to me…

“Why don’t we give it to our clients instead?”

That’s how the IIB ‘Send a Client to the Maldives’ initiative came about. And we really are going to do it!

We’re sending one of our clients (+1) to the Maldives with Kuoni.

ALL INCLUSIVE. On a date of their choosing.

Any time during the months of May, June or September 2019!

All you’ve got to do to be in with a (very good) chance of winning the trip, is introduce us to a friend or family member so that we can quote them on their insurance when it’s due for renewal.

That’s it. NO REALLY…

You don’t have to buy anything, and neither do they.

Every referral that we receive, we’ll put the referrers name (that’s you) into our special hat.

Once we’ve received 500 referrals, we’ll draw one of the names out of the hat and that client will get the all-Inclusive-paid trip to the Maldives!!!

So, you’ve got a 1 in 500 chance of winning an all-Inclusive-trip to the Maldives, right?

Well actually, it gets BETTER
If you give us two or three referrals, then your chances of winning increase each time. Make sense?
Jordan and I would MUCH rather reward our clients and spend our marketing budget with you (or on you) than on Google or Facebook.


Each referral will also automatically enter you into our tombola, with prizes from selfie sticks right through to underwater cameras… Hopefully to capture your trip on!

So, the Maldives holiday AND a guaranteed win with over 500 prizes up for grabs.

Who needs the lottery?


Finally, the highest value referral will be awarded their very own special prize. What are you waiting for?!

Which businesses do you know?

Step 1: Go to our Facebook page.

Step 2: Click the referral button. Give us the name, address and phone number of the person you want to refer, and tell us how you know them.

Step 3: The following Friday at 10am, our team will pull out your prize from our tombola on Facebook Live. Or catch up any time on that day on our Facebook page, so you’ll know what you have won.

Step 4: Keep your fingers crossed. We’ll make the Maldives draw the week after we get our 500th referral.

Non Facebook Users

If you are not one to mingle with Facebook simply email and provide the details outlined in Step 2.

Can I refer more than one person?
Yes, you can. Every time you refer someone you claim a prize from the tombola AND you get entered in the draw for the Maldives once for every referral.

Can my friends and family refer people to you?
Of course. We love it when that happens, but they need to be an existing client of IIB to qualify for the Maldives draw. (They can become a client at any time by taking out any policy with us and we’d be happy to advise them.)