High Net Worth

High net worth cover to match your requirements

Peace of mind is surely the most valuable commodity you can own.

We understand that a standard insurance policy that provides a “one fits all” solution is not always right for your needs. Furthermore, we believe that High Net Worth individuals require high value insurance policies which will protect your home and motor vehicles.

What is a High Net Worth Individual?

  • You have a high-net-worth lifestyle which requires a little extra protection.
  • You appreciate the importance of a bespoke, high-value home insurance policy that truly safeguards what is yours.
  • You understand that a generic home insurance policy, such as those from direct insurance providers or comparison sites, may not always give you adequate levels of cover.
  • You may have a unique property and or high-value contents such as antiques and fine art and jewellery and collectables.
  • You have a busy lifestyle and your time is precious, so the specialist service a broker provides is priceless.
  • You understand and value an insurance policy that will respond swiftly in the unfortunate event of a claim.

By looking at what you have and who you are, we will ensure that we deliver a high-value home insurance policy tailored to the high-net-worth individual you are.

If you would like us to review your current policies, contact you when your renewal is due or just have a general chat to find out more, please get in touch…we’d love to hear from you…