A lock only keeps honest people out




A lock only keeps honest people out


As the saying goes, “A lock only keeps honest people out.” Anyone who really wants to break into your home will. Most likely, a burglar isn’t targeting you in particular. He’s looking for an easy mark. Don’t put out the burglar welcome mat. Here are some tips to make your home unappealing to burglars and precautions to take in case they should they get in.


Lock up!

Be suspicious of people who come to your door trying to sell you something, asking for work or looking for a handout. It might be a stake out. If this does happen, be extra vigilant over the next few weeks.

Thank goodness for nosy neighbors. If a burglar has the sense that neighbors are watching out for each other, they will likely move on. Let your neighbors know if you are going out of town.



Sound the alarm

Alarm warning signs are a good deterrent. Burglars are unlikely to take the risk that you don’t actually have or didn’t turn on your alarm system.
Get a dog! Burglars don’t like them at all. A “beware of dog” sign is a good burglar repellant. The sound of barking when they knock on the door is even better.



Don’t advertise you are on vacation

If a burglar knows you are on vacation, they can take their time cleaning you out.

Use timers to turn lamps on and off so that it looks like someone is home.

Never – never – post your whereabouts on social media.



Shed a light on crime

The first room a burglar targets is usually the master bedroom where most people keep their jewelry, collectibles, cash and safes. Think of storing these items in another room. Speaking of safes, they should either be bolted to the floor or too heavy to carry.

Put car keys away. You don’t want to provide burglars with a get-away car.



Know what you have and be ready to prove it


This article originally appeared on Allianz.