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  Dream-home building conveniently summarised in an hour long TV programme is great for spurring inspiration, as well as potentially misguiding those who want to maximise the resale value of their home. Independent Insurance Bureau  look at which alterations boost, and which can hinder your property’s “sell-appeal”.   WINNERS Loft conversion Loft conversions are a… Read more »


‘Broker’ is one of those job titles that is hard to pin down, a bit like ‘agent’ or ‘consultant’. The name doesn’t really explain the activity carried out by the professional, unlike more straightforward titles like ‘builder’ or ‘actor’. There is often confusion about what an insurance broker does or does not do. Put simply,… Read more »

Brand New Website…

Welcome to our brand new website! We have a new blog to enjoy, FAQ’s and plenty of information about the services we offer. From property and car insurance to income protection and everything in between. We can tailor make any service to suit you and your requirements and our team are more than happy to… Read more »

Will Your BI Insurance Cover Cyber Crime?

Cyber Crime. Connecting your business to the internet could be seen as similar to opening a window in your house and then going to the shops – leaving a ‘window’ of opportunity open for criminals. UK businesses have seen a 22% increase in cybercrime in the last 12 months, according to Get Safe Online. These cyberattacks… Read more »